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Here's a handy table to the aircraft in the fleet, with their minimum rank, and ICAO codes. You can find out more about ranks on the Rank page.

Minimum Rank ICAO Name / Model
Student PilotC152Cessna 152
Student PilotC172Cessna 172
Student PilotDR40Robin DR400-100
Private PilotA5Icon A5
Private PilotB58TBeechcraft Baron G58
Private PilotBDOGScottish Aviation Bulldog
Private PilotBE17Beechcraft Model 17
Private PilotBE18Beechcraft Model 18
Private PilotBE36Beechcraft Bonanza G36
Private PilotC170Cessna 170B
Private PilotC182Cessna 182 Skylane
Private PilotC195Cessna 195 Businessliner
Private PilotC310Cessna 310
Private PilotC337Cessna 337 Skymaster
Private PilotC414Cessna 414A Chancellor
Private PilotDA40Diamond DA40-TDI
Private PilotDA40Diamond DA40NG
Private PilotDA62Diamond DA62
Private PilotDG1TDG Flugzeugbau DG-1001e neo
Private PilotDV20Diamond DV20
Private PilotFDCTFlight Design CTLS
Private PilotG21Grumman G-21 Goose
Private PilotG2CAGuimbal Cabri G2
Private PilotH4Hughes H-4 Hercules
Private PilotHUSKAviat Husky
Private PilotJN4Curtiss JN-4 "Canuck"
Private PilotL1PPZL-104 Wilga
Private PilotLG8DG Flugzeugbau LG8-18
Private PilotM20RMooney M20R Ovation
Private PilotNYPRyan NYP "Spirit of St Louis"
Private PilotP28APiper PA28 Warrior II
Private PilotP28RPiper PA28 Arrow
Private PilotP28SPiper PA28 Turbo Arrow
Private PilotPA34Piper PA-34 Seneca
Private PilotPA44Piper PA-44 Seminole
Private PilotPIVIPipistrel Virus SW 121
Private PilotSR22Cirrus SR22
Private PilotSF50Cirrus Vision Jet
Private PilotTMOTde Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth
Private PilotVL3JMB VL-3
Private PilotWACFWACO WMYF-5
Class DB247Boeing 247
Class DBN2ABritten Norman BN-2 Islander
Class DBN2BBritten Norman BN-2 Trislander
Class DC208Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Class DDC3Douglas DC-3 "Dakota"
Class DDC6Douglas DC-6A
Class DDC6Douglas DC-6B
Class DDHC2de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
Class DDHC6deHavilland Canada Twin Otter
Class DG21Grumman Goose
Class DKODIDaher Kodiak 100
Class DL10Lockheed Electra 10A
Class DPC6PPilatus PC-6
Class CB350Beechcraft King Air 350i
Class CB462BAe 146 200
Class CB407Bell 407
Class CC510Cessna Citation Mustang
Class CC700Cessna Citation Longitude
Class CCJ4Cessna Citation CJ4
Class CCRJ7Bombardier CRJ 700
Class CEC35Airbus H135
Class CEC45Airbus H145
Class CHDJTHA-420 Honda Jet
Class CMD82McDonnel Douglas MD-82
Class CPC12Pilatus PC-12
Class CTBM9Daher TBM 930
Class BA310Airbus A310
Class BA320Airbus A320
Class BB736Boeing 737-600
Class BB737Boeing 737-700
Class BB738Boeing 737-800
Class AB748Boeing 747-800
Class AB787Boeing 787