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VirtualFlight.Online operates a simple rank system based on hours logged. As you complete each flight using ACARS, your hours are accrued, and your rank changes automatically.

The Ranks

The following table shows each rank, it's epaulette, and the hours required to attain the rank.

RankEpauletteHours Filed
Student Pilot0
Private Pilot1
Class D First Officer10
Class D Captain20
Class C First Officer30
Class C Captain40
Class B First Officer50
Class B Captain60
Class A First Officer70
Class A Captain80
Class A1K Captain1000
Class A2K Captain2000
Class A3K Captain3000

How Your Rank Impacts You

Each tour and aircraft in the fleet is assigned a minimum rank. Therefore as you log more hours, you increase in rank and more tours and aircraft become available to you.


  • Each tour has a minimum rank - you will not be able to dispatch a leg of a tour without being at or above that rank.
  • The tours page within the airline groups tours by pilot rank, to help you choose.
  • Most tour legs do not specify aircraft type - meaning you can use an aircraft of your own choosing (regardless of rank).
  • If a leg of a tour specifies an aircraft type, you can only fly that leg if you have the appropriate rank for that aircraft type.

Scheduled Flights

  • If you wish to dispatch a scheduled flight, you can only use aircraft you are qualified for (only Class D aircraft and above have scheduled flights).
  • If you wish to dispatch via Simbrief, you can only do so using aircraft types you are qualified for.

Chartered Flights

  • If you wish to dispatch a Chartered Flight (via the dispatch page), you can only do so using aircraft types you are qualified for.

Ranks and Aircraft

To find out which rank is required for each aircraft in the fleet, visit the fleet page.

Free Flights

If you file a flight plan directly in ACARS without dispatching it, you can fly where you want in what you want. Note that flying a tour or event leg without dispatching it will NOT complete the leg.