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The Virtual Airline flight tracking system scores your flight on a number of parameters when you finish a flight. Those parameters are shown on a flight report as a series of ticks, and culminate in an overall score.

Scoring Parameters

The score is primarily calculated by a number of tests - which (if failed) reduce your score by a ratio.

The tests are as follows:

  • Landing rate was over 200 ft/min - score reduced by 5%
  • Landing rate was over 250 ft/min - score reduced by 7%
  • Landing rate was over 500 ft/min - score reduced by 10%
  • Crash detected - score is set to 0
  • Landing lights on above 10,000ft - score reduced by 1%
  • Landing lights off below 10,000ft - score reduced by 1%
  • Aircraft overspeed detected - score reduced by 10%
  • Slew detected - score reduced by 20%
  • Taxi overspeed detected - score reduced by 5%
  • Overspeed above 250kt below 10,000ft - score reduced by 5%
  • Beacon Off, Engine On - no affect on score
  • Stall detected - score reduced by 25%


  • The landing rate failures are cumulative - i.e. if you land at 280ft/min, your score will be downgraded by 12% (5% + 7%)
  • Due to incompatibility with some of the 3rd party aircraft in Flight Simulator, we have lowered the penalty for the Beacon Off / Engine On test - because false positives were being reported.
  • We have lowered penalty for the landing light test because it is unfair on GA aircraft (ACARS cannot differentiate between GA and commercial aircraft).

And finally...

  • When recording flights either with ACARS, or manual PIREPs, you will be expected to record fair, accurate, and representative information. This is based on trust.
  • You will not manipulate time (through acceleration or deceleration) within the simulator
  • You will not use SLEW, teleportation, or any other method of artificially moving your aircraft
  • If filing a manual PIREP your report will be as accurate, fair, and as representative as reasonably possible