VF039 IFR CYVR Vancouver Intl to CYEG Edmonton Intl, Canada


Tuesday 10th August 2021, at 8pm BST (1900Z)

Flight Plan

Details for the flight will be updated on the day of the flight – including runway choice, SID, STAR, and approach details.


  • Airport : CYVR Vancouver Intl
  • Runway : 26L
  • SID : RICHM7

En-Route Waypoints

  • YVR
  • YRM


  • Airport : CYEG Edmonton Intl
  • Runway : 30
  • Approach : ILS RW30

Suggested Aircraft

Most of our IFR flights are planned on the basis of taking 1 hour using an Airbus A320. Therefore if using a slower aircraft be prepared to take off early in order to arrive at the destination at the same time as everybody else.

  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 787
  • Cessna CJ4
  • Cessna Citation Longitude
  • PMDG Douglas DC-6 (be prepared to depart early)

Voice Communications

Voice communication will be provided via the Virtual Flight Online Discord Server:



Connect to the “WEST USA” server in MSFS (click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice).

If you would like to see other people taking part in the flight live in LittleNavMap, you might be interested in the Transmitter application, which achieves exactly that.

Further Information

Pilots are requested to follow published standard instrument departures and standard approach routes, taking off one-after-another with generous separation. While we do not operate air traffic controllers, we at least want to avoid total chaos. Between the SID and STAR, pilots are free to follow routes of their own design.

We are an inclusive, relaxed group – we recognise that some may not have flown IFR before, or operated the commercial jets, so encourage mentoring from more experienced pilots as much as possible.

Although take-off is scheduled for 8pm BST, it may be worth arriving early to setup your aircraft, and/or to help others set-up theirs. Use the streaming functionality in Discord!