VFR from LIVI Isola to LFKA Albertville

The Inaugural Breakfast Flight!


Saturday 4th September 2001 8am BST (0700 UTC)

Flight Plan

  • LIVI Isola
  • LFMR Saint Pons
  • LFNC Saint Crepin
  • LFVO Valloire Bonnenuit
  • LFKR Saint Remy De Maurienne
  • LFKA Albertville

A scenic VFR flight through the Alps from Isola to Albertville. Aircraft choice will be driven by Isola – the runway is only 560ft long. I’m thinking about flying the Cub.



Voice Communications

p.s. if you would like to see each other within LittleNavMap, check out the Transmitter application!